Marc Oromaner, author, copywriter, creator, speaker, voiceovers, life coach

Marc Oromaner is a freelance copywriter who enjoys using his writing superpowers to save the world (from the horrors of dry skin, uncomfortable hotel stays, and what have you). His site features many of his inspiring and humorous victories. When he’s not saving the world through advertising, Marc is saving the world with his blog, The Layman’s Answers to Everything. Based on his eventually-to-be-released book, the blog deciphers hidden wisdom found in movies and TV and helps readers uncover their own secret superpowers.

As for his origin story, Marc grew up in a humble suburb of Metropolis (or Gotham depending on your metaphoric preference) and at eighteen traveled north to a fortress of solitude known as Ithaca College. There he graduated with a degree in TV/Radio and went on to complete a two-year advertising copywriter program at The Creative Circus in Atlanta. While at The Circus he learned to juggle many tasks, balance the fine line between pure creativity and client needs, and master the flying trapeze, which really doesn’t have an advertising equivalent.

Using his newly developed skills, Marc returned to the big city to help a diverse set of clients such as NASA, The New York Botanical Garden, and Affinia Hotels find their audience. He also began helping people find themselves with his bestselling book The Myth of Lost and aforementioned blog.When not doing serious adult stuff, Marc likes to pretend to save the world with his twin pre-school girls Aliyah and Brienna and rescue his wife Nellie who, in real life, really rescued him.