The Layman Trilogy

The Layman Trilogy by Marc Oromaner

"The Layman's Answers To Everything" story description

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His whole life, Phillip Trum has been the poster child for “loser.” A self-proclaimed klutz with every nerd disease known to man, he’s certainly had a hard go of it over the years. Yet, a little voice inside Phil’s head tells him that all his suffering hasn’t been for nothing—that he has an incredible destiny to fulfill. Now, his only wish is to uncover this destiny, before that little voice drives him insane.

Guided by his lactose-intolerant, acid-refluxing gut and several other inner-voices graciously provided by his germ-a-phobic father and bubbly, advice-giving mother, Phil becomes obsessive (and compulsive) about figuring out what he is meant to do. Help arrives in the unlikely form of several bizarre characters that Phil meets on his quest for answers. While existing in a realm that’s anything but normal, or perhaps because of it, each of these outcasts seems to possess incredible wisdom about the mysteries of life. Before long, Phil discovers that it is the people who don’t think like everyone else who change the world, and that he is one of these people.

Perhaps the strangest thing Phil begins to think is that the universe is sending mankind hidden messages through movies, television shows, and music. Using these messages, Phil starts a new religion which becomes so popular he begins to live the life of a rock star, until—also like the life of a rock star—things begin to go horribly wrong. The trouble starts when Phil learns more secrets of the universe than he can handle, resulting in his disregarding everything he’d ever learned. Then that little voice starts taking over claiming to be God and that’s when Phil loses everything, including his mind. Ironically though, losing his mind turns out to be exactly what Phil needs in order to reach true enlightenment. With his mind silenced, only now does he finally begin to uncover the answers humanity has been seeking since it first began asking questions.

Divided into three inspiring novels, The Layman’s Answers To Everything will take you on a journey from the perspective of one man’s myopic eyes. On this journey, you’ll learn how to discover and fulfill your own destiny using the clues provided by the universe. While this wisdom is often intriguing, sometimes unbelievable, and occasionally shocking, deep down, you know it all already. This book won’t enlighten anyone by revealing secret information. It will enlighten by reminding us what we’ve known all along. It is an amplifier for the small voice of our souls. We are constantly bombarded with the answers we’re seeking.

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It may be awhile until The Layman Trilogy is completed. In the meantime, check out the blog which covers many of the same ideas and theories.

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The Layman Trilogy “Movie Trailer-Style” Preview Script

The Layman Trilogy “Movie Trailer-Style” Preview Script

The Layman Trilogy has what just might be the world’s first movie trailer script for a book. Films have trailers, so why not novels? Why? Well, because movie trailers are very convoluted. You have overlapping titles, voiceovers, character dialogue, music, and various scenes that are all cut together in two to five minutes. Watching a trailer is one thing, but reading a script for one can be kind of cumbersome. If you aren’t a visual thinker, it may prove difficult to get the gist of what’s going on. Still, if you’re up for the challenge, click the image below for a five-page movie trailer-style preview script of The Layman Trilogy. Like most trailers, it provides a pretty good feel for what the story is about. You just have to use your imagination.

The Layman Trilogy “Movie Trailer-Style” Preview Script

A Great Introduction To The Layman Trilogy